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Mission of the Company: saturate Ukrainian market with quality and functional agricultural equipment.


This is why As-Terra invites all farmers to opt for buying equipment New Holland.
In addition, As-Terra provides domestic farmers quality and professional service of agricultural equipment, and procurement of necessary spare parts for its repair.
Thanks to a wide network of branches selling equipment New Holland, we carry out all over Ukraine, and get high-quality and detailed advice you can call your regional manager or call the contact center, referred to in the Contact section or on the main page.
As-terra in the Ukrainian market since 2007, during which time farmers have put more than 700 units of agricultural machinery, opened several branches, and created a network of service centers that provide services to repair farm machinery throughout Ukraine.
Our main goal is that every farmer was convinced of the quality and benefits of technology New Holland, which is why Al-terra regularly organizes special "Field Days" in which everyone can see not only in technique, but also to compare it with the technique other manufacturers.
In addition, the organization of test drive agricultural machinery.
Field for us is not just the land, New Holland is not just a technique.



Service department of "AC-Terra" company does everything possible in order our clients could get help from our professional employees at any time during agricultural works. For this purpose we have created

Call Center:

- 7 days per week

-Working hours from 7.30 to 19.30

(056) 373 10 55

Since it is rather difficult to purchase new agricultural equipment without support of financial institutions ,our company provides great opportunity to purchase vehicles and equipment on credit or lease.

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Free inspection of combine harvesters, tractors and sprayers.
Free inspection of combine harvesters, tractors and sprayers.